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Lianyungang Huanghai Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer who designs and produces geological exploration equipments (like drill rigs), coal bed methane equipments (like CBM drill rig), engineering foundation equipments and horizontal directional pipe construction equipments (like HDD drill rig) as well as their drilling tools. It is one of the new and high tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, China. The company covers an area of 190,000 square meters with 60,000 square meters building area. There are six hundred employees, more than one hundred technical persons and more than four hundred production equipments in the company. The company makes five main series consisting of more than 60 varieties of products.   

Products & Applications

HXY series as well as their improved products, HYDX series and HCR series drill rig, which are used in geological exploration drilling with the drilling depth from 100 meters to 4200 meters;

MD series crawlers type and HMC series truck-mounted type coal bed methane drill rig, used in shadow layer oil and gas drilling, oil well repair and ultra deep core drilling;

GQ series engineering drill rig, which are suitable for foundation pile drilling in bridge, road and building with the drilling hole dia. from 0.8 meter to 3 meters;

FDP series horizontal directional drill rig, used for underground pipe construction (including power cable, telecommunication cable, heat pipeline, gas pipe and water supply & drainage pipe) with trenchless technology, the pulling force is from 150 KN till 7500 KN.


Among all the drill rig products, one of them is awarded a National Silver Medal, three of them are awarded as National Innovated Product, four of them are in the leading position in China and five of them are High and New Tech Product in Jiangsu Province.


Our products have been sold well in domestic market, and have also been exported to more than 40 countries and regions in the world. Our geological survey equipment has been sold home and abroad. As for the foreign market, there are more than 40 countries and areas. Those include the developed countries like America, Canada, Russia; the South America countries such as Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Peru, etc.; the African countries, e.g. South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, etc. as well as the Southeast Asian countries.

Main Products
  • Core Drilling Rig
  • HXY-8(8B) Core Drilling RigThe HXY-8 spindle type core drilling rig is hydraulic-fed equipped with hydraulic brake. And its hoister is in horizontal arrangement. It is mechanical transmission...
  • Diamond Core Rig
  • HYDX-6 Full Hydraulic Diamond Core Rig This HYDX-6 hydraulic drilling rig is a new product made by Lianyungang Huanghai Machinery. It is a thoroughly new-typed drilling rig developed on the basis of the ...
  • FDP-32 Trenchless Directional Drilling RigThe FDP-32 is a full hydraulic directional drill rig self-propelled with rubber crawler belts, with advanced and compact structure, and with high efficiency, low oil temperature...
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
  • FDP-180 Horizontal Directional Drilling RigThe FDP-180 is a full hydraulic horizontal directional drilling rig self-propelled with rubber crawler belts, integrated with power station and main power. It is convenient ...
  • Engineering Drilling Rig
  • GM-20A Engineering Drilling RigThe GM-20A engineering drilling rig (with drilling tower) incorporates the features of the rotary table drilling rig, the unit head drilling rig and the spindle drilling rig ...
  • CBM Drilling Rig
  • MD-750 CBM Drilling RigMD-750 CBM drill rig is a crawler type full hydraulic drilling rigs for coal bed methane drilling, with 3200m drill capacity. The MD-750 crawler coal bed methane drilling rig ...
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