FDP-300 Horizontal Directional Drill Rig

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Main FDP-300 Horizontal Directional Drill Rig
Max Feed Thrust / Feed Pull 3000KN(674400 lbf)
Feed Thrust/ Feed Pull System Pinion and rack type, moving with 6 gears driving with three-speed gear shift, step less speed regulating Ⅰ shift: 7.5m/min (24.6 feet/min) Ⅱ shift: 18m/min (59 feet/min) Ⅲ shift: 32m/min (105 feet/min)
Rotation driving of HDD Rig Gear transmission, step less speed regulating Ⅰshift hollow spindle torque: 98000N·m(72226 lbf·ft)@35r/min Ⅱshift hollow spindle torque: 49000N·m (36113 lbf·ft)@70r/min
Motor of FDP-300 Horizontal Directional Drill Rig
Manufacturer Weichai Power Co., Ltd
Rated Value of HDD Rig motor 610kW (840HP)
Operational State Thrust/Pull and rotation all can reach above mentioned max performance index.
Operator's cab of FDP-300 Horizontal Directional Drill Rig
  Equipped with air-conditioner
Dimension and Gross weight
Dimension(L×W×H) 14.5×3.15×3m (47.6×10.3×9.8 feet)
Gross weight 45000kg (99225 lb)
Mast Entrance Oblique Angle of FDP-300 Horizontal Directional Drill Rig
HDD Rig 8-16°
Environmental Standard and Service
Engine emissions and noise meeting European II standard.
Drilling Tool of FDP-300 Horizontal Directional Drill Rig
Drilling Rod to be used. 5〞、6 5/8〞
Reaming shell(cutting type) Ф425,Ф530,Ф680,Ф760,Ф900,Ф1100,Ф1350mm (Ф16.7,Ф20.9,Ф26.8,Ф29.9,Ф35.4,Ф43.3,Ф53.1 inch)
Clamp holder centering by it, Shackles full distance moving.
Clamper/ Break-out Tong Distance adjustable with accurate, stable and reliable breaking- out.
Max HDD Rig make-up torque 98000N·m (72226 lbf·ft)
Max break out torque 196000N·m (144452 lbf·ft) (It can be designed according to the requirement of client.) s
Mast of FDP-300 Horizontal Directional Drill Rig
Length of mast 14.8 meters.(48.5 feet)
Hydraulic Mud Pump
Full Hydraulic driving, flux step less adjustable.
Flux Rate 0-2200L/min (0-581 US Gallons/min)
Pressure 0-10Mpa (0-1450 psi)
Track Caterpillar Assembly Type
Pressure, flux rate, and revolution and other more than ten data will be shown in figures. This is easy for analysis and judgment of problems and conditions in the performance process.
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