FDP-450 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

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1. Drilling rigs Thrust/Pulling Capacity
This hydraulic HDD rig's pinion and rack are driven with two shifts adjustable step less. 0-7.5m/min@450MT 0-27m/min@130 MT.
Six Sauer-DanFoss motors and Dinamicoil hydraulic reducer are adopted for FDP-450 horizontal directional drilling rig. The hydraulic HDD drilling rigs equipped with tension limiter at the operation panel, feeding and pulling capacity can be adjustable according to the engineering.
2. Rotation of Rig
0-120000Nm@0 -42r/min 0-60000Nm@0 -84r/min Four motors in low speed and large torque from Poclain Industries made in France are adopted to get rotation by first gear reduction, which has bigger starting torque and less torque loss than that of high-speed motor with reducer mechanism. The FDP-450 horizontal directional drilling rig is equipped with torque limiter at the operation area, and torque can be adjustable according to the engineering, drill rod damaged to ensure that the sudden damage to its torque during the construction. The feature is most obvious when using the drill rod whose diameter is much smaller, meanwhile provides a play space for the controller.
3. Power of FDP-450 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
The power of Rig consists of two 392kw@2100 r/min diesel engines which produced by Cummins Power Ltd. They can work alone, and can also run at the same time, which make the construction safer. Transfer case adopted Sibao Products in German; it has one input shaft and two output shafts. Hydraulic pump system adopts ten hydraulic pumps of Saou-Danfoss Co., USA; the efficiency of rig is high by making close-type system working together with the load sensing system.
4. Drilling rigs forms
In view of the heavy weight of the FDP-450 horizontal directional drilling rig, it is in dual tracks and splite-type structure, adopted two tracks. One of them equipped with the main machine equipment such as master, unit head clamps and so on, the total length is 16.5meters, meanwhile equipped with a 145KW diesel engine which used for the walk of the main machine, the total width is 3.15meters, and the total weight of rig is about 38 tons. The other main machine equipped with power system of rig, and has track-driving structure. Travel speed of main machine: 2Km/h Travel speed of power unit: 3Km/h
5. Drilling rig shackles
FDP-450 horizontal directional drilling rig shackles adopt three-jaw hold, automatic centering, reliable fastening ability, clamping force adopting standard movable petroleum fixture block adjustable to jaw block, shackles are full distance moving on the mast. Meanwhile clamping force can be adjustable according the enginerring to reduce the wear and tear of drill rod and jaws. The largest shackles torque is 240,000Nm, and the largest make-up torque is 120,000Nm.
6. Drilling rig Crane
Drilling rig is equipped with a crane fixed on the anchor plate with the largest hoisting capacity as 4000Kg.
7. Control System
Adopting electric-hydraulic proportional method, long range control, separation from the main machine power, the rig is safe and reliable in its control system.
8. Operator's cabin of the Hydraulic HDD Rig
Operator's cab equipped with air-conditioner, the room is large. In the cab, you could read many technical parameters from the different kinds of meters, such as the system pressure of each part, torque pulling capacity and etc. visually and stably.
9. The main machine of FDP-450 horizontal directional drilling rig does not equipped with mud system by the manufacturer; it will be configured by user. The attached equipments include drill pipe joints, hydraulic oil filter, transfer case (200MT, 500MT each) and so on.

Accessories attached to Equipment Quick wearing joint Output Shaft of Drill Head 2pcs  
Joint Coordinated with Transfer and Reamer 2pcs  
Wear-resistant bushing   1pc  
Clamper fixture block Wearing parts 30pcs  
Jaws Base Used for clamping drilling rod 3pcs  
Mud let-in Hose   2pcs  
Pressure Meter Measuring Range 60Mpa 4pcs Liming Hydraulic Co.
Electric control switch For Drilling Operation Control 8pcs  
Travel switch For Drilling Operation Control 2pcs  
Electronic meter Measuring of Torque and Pulling Force 2pcs  
Bobbin bracket For Direction Wired-control 3pcs  
Carbon Brush Carbon Brush 6pcs  

10. Mast
Rack: made of high-quality alloy.
Body: made and welded with shaped steel and steel plates.
The mast of the hydraulic HDD rig is equipped with a bracket for the assistance of loading and unloading drilling rods.
11. Hydraulic system of FDP-450 horizontal directional drilling rig
The main control valve: made by Saou-Danfoss Co., USA
Hydraulic hose: made by Manuli Hydraulics Co., Ltd. Italy
Hydraulic accessories: made by Liming Hydraulic Co. China
Cooling method: air cooling
With normal operating temperature of around 30-65°, the hydraulic system will operates in the best efficiency. In this case, the hydraulic HDD rig equipped with temperature control system. The cooling system will start up operation upon the hydraulic oil temperature higher than 60° and the heating system will start up operation as well as the temperature lower than 20° to ensure that the hydraulic system operating at the best state. The above is only a protective measure. If the hydraulic system design is unreasonable for actual application, it will be useless even if with larger capacity of hydraulic oil tank and radiator, because the whole system is heating. Thus it is not feasible for heat radiation and cooling passively. The key point lies on less heat caused from the hydraulic system and improving the efficiency of the hydraulic system.
12. This FDP-450 horizontal directional drilling rig is equipped with wired-control system, water swivel device, threaded screw-off sliding device etc. to the power head. Threaded screw-off sliding device adopted the overall structure, high strength, events comfortable, has applied for national patent.
13. Diesel Tank of Hydraulic HDD Rig: Three main machines equipped with one tank, and the power station equipped with two.

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