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HYDX-3 Full Hydraulic Core Drill Rig

HYDX-3 Full Hydraulic Core Drill Rig

Product description
HYDX-3 full hydraulic power head core drilling rig is a split portable light full hydraulic core drilling rig specially designed for areas with complex terrain and inconvenient traffic. It is mainly suitable for diamond wire core drilling technology. The main engine includes diesel engine power station, hydraulic system, control system, main winch, rope core winch, power head, feeding system and wellhead gripper, etc. All functions of the HYDX-3 fully hydraulic surface coring rig are hydraulically driven, and have the characteristics of strong disassembly, light weight of disassembled parts, simple assembly, convenient operation, precise control, convenient relocation, and high coring efficiency.
Performance characteristics
1. Full hydraulic power head
Driven by the diesel engine, the variable motor of the power head realizes the rotary motion: at the same time, the feeding cylinder mechanism realizes the fast and slow full-stroke feeding and lifting of the power head.
2. Strong disintegration
The power station, hydraulic oil tank, operating table and working mechanism (drilling part) are designed to be separated, and the weight of each piece is light, which is convenient for human or animal power handling. It can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the site conditions, and can be used for drilling construction at an angle of 45-90° in a narrower space, and has strong adaptability to the construction site.
3. Strong process adaptability
In addition to adapting to the drilling process of diamond wire coring, it can also be used for drilling needs of various formations, and has a wide range of adaptability.
Item Data
Drilling Depth (If Thin-Walled Tw Series Drill Pipes Are Used, The Capacity Will Increase Accordingly) Bq φ55.5mm 700m
Nq Φ69.9mm 500m
Hq φ88.9mm 300m
Power Head Capability Rotating Speed 0~1300r/Min
Maximum Torque 2700N·m
Vertical Shaft Through Hole Diameter 95mm
Maximum Pulling Force 96kn
Maximum Feed Force 48kn
Chuck Method Disc Spring Clamping, Hydraulic Opening
Diesel Engine (Cummins)Qsb3.9-C125 Rated Power 93kw
Rated Speed 2200r/Min
Mast         Total 6.1m
Adjust The Angle 0~90°
Drilling Angle 45~90°
Give Process 1800mm
Mast Slip Stroke 800mm
Lower Gripper   Clamping Range 55.5~117.5mm
Through Hole Diameter 135mm
Main Winch     Single Rope Lift 40kn
Wire Rope Diameter 14mm
Wire Rope Length 40m
Rope Winch     Single Rope Lift 8kn
Wire Rope Diameter 6mm
Wire Rope Length 800m
Mud Pump Maximum Displacement 100L/Min
Max Pressure 6Mpa
Walking Speed 2.5km/h
Grade Ability 30°
Host Weight 6t
Dimensions (L×W×H) Working Size 3800×2000×6100mm
Shipping Size 3600×2000×2100mm